3 Surfing Essentials You Need to Have Before Riding Waves

Surfing is an activity exclusive to those with beach access. You've seen it in places like California, Florida, British Columbia, and Australia. Naturally, it is a niche sport that only about 1.73 million people engage in annually in the United States, according to Modern Gentleman. However, the sport attracts plenty of novices as well, and there are some essential items that Plastic Fantastic Surf Boards would like you to have before you go out on the water.

Surfing Clothes

While the Hollywood trope may be that surfers wear tank tops and shorts on the beach and in the water, the reality includes a far safer measure. Wetsuits are full-body rubber suits that are water-resistant and keep your body warm and insulated in the water. Even for those who complain that temperature is not a problem, wetsuits are essential because they provide protection from jellyfish stings. The Plastic Fantastic Surf Board company does not sell wetsuits on their website, but they are recommended, if not required, for water sports.

Plastic Surfboards

Plastic Fantastic Surf Boards are among the most recommended for surfing. They are also some of the highest in demand. They are locally made on the east and west coasts and can be rented by beginners who are just getting their feet (and likely their entire bodies, time and again) wet for the first time. Once you have a surf board, you'll be ready for training in the open water and at least experiencing what it feels like to swim on your belly if it takes you a few attempts to stay upright.


Ankle straps and leashes are important parts of not being separated from your board in the open water. This is vitally important for beginners regardless of swimming ability. These leashes should be flexible and durable, with double padding on the ankles for the most support. Using any surf board, rented or owned, it is important to keep track of it so it does not interfere with other surfers or prevent you from having a floatation device.

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